Freedom Fulfilment 


"Freedom to live life in all its fullness" 

Freedom Fulfilment's Well-Being Events are a day or half day for YOU to achieve connection with your body, mind  & soul as you journey into inner a greater sense of awareness and more conscious living. Throughout the day you will have the time to  relax , be nourished, de-stress & escape from the demands of your daily life.  I will guide you through a relaxing and nourishing programme including aspects of simple yoga practice, meditation, EFT Tapping and guided relaxations utilising gentle hypnosis techniques  to embed positive affirmations.  You'll not only enjoy the nourishing benefits on the day but will gain skills for you to incorporate in your life after the day has finished. Setting you up for life after the event with a  renewed sense of direction , inner connection &  empowering you with a fresh sense of who you are & your purpose.  

Consider booking a 'Time Out Day'  for your Staff, Patients or Clients. Your people will be cared for, given time to become more connected. Time for peace & relaxation with skills & strategies built into the programme to support emotional resilience.