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Freedom Brings Life In All It's Fullness!

About Samantha

Samantha is your Soul Searcher & Life Strategist! A qualified Life Coach, specialising in holistic health & wellness, relationships, parenting, career & personal spirituality. As a life-long learner Samantha has 20+yrs experience as a qualified nurse & also holds qualifications in EFT Tapping, Massage Therapy, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnotherapy & is a qualified Yoga Teacher. Samantha also has a  Bsc (Hons) Degree in Health Studies.

Samantha’s passion for helping people to find their personal freedom & depth of authenticity led her to become the founder of Freedom Fulfilment. She utilises her skills, including Meditation, Mindfulness & Visioneering, to support people into personal freedom which leads to fulfilment. Samantha understands that our Journey to freedom & fulfilment is just that … ‘A Journey’. She recognises that many of us try to hold a ‘together’ outer appearance while often struggling with personal inner challenges. Samantha’s empathy & skills were developed through personally working through limiting beliefs, patterns of self-sabotage & low self-esteem as a result of past abusive relationships. She has overcome Bulimia Nervosa, depression, inferiority complex and drug & alcohol dependence. For many years Samantha performed as a Contemporary dancer & experienced deep inner healing through the deep connection of movement & dance.  Consequently, running dance workshops to help others find their inner beauty & creative flow.  

Samantha believes that gratitude & giving, no matter how small, can be an aspect of our own inner healing. Actively involved in voluntarily work over the years, she believes  in the power of the community to make positive change. This voluntary work has also taken Samantha overseas, including working with NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) in Africa  & Cambodia.  Samantha Co-Directed & developed the NGO Passion Cambodia, including fund-raising & promotion to help support the Survivors of Human Trafficking & those with severe medical needs, via PCM (Patient Care Ministries).

Becoming a parent was a dream come true for Samantha, but her crippling self-limiting beliefs & the aspects of the parenting relationship that triggered past fears & unresolved issues were a constant challenge. This compelled Samantha to write her first book   'The English Parent - Is it Okay to be Me?' 

Her 2nd book 'Mindfulness: Simple Steps on how to Suffer Less when Suffering is Inevitable'  is released on Kindle in March 2019 

Why Me?

There are many routes to discovering the Authentic YOU & I can help you to find one that suits you, and set's your feet on                            the path to Freedom & Fulfilment.  It's so important to be able to face the truth about yourself and feel ok                                   about it. Accepting that there are many aspects of who we are and embracing all those 'parts' of ourselves                               and integrating them into the whole. The 'whole' you ... the imperfect, yet oh so perfect idiosyncrasy's                                   that makes you, YOU!  Then from a position of authenticity you begin to grow & a lasting transformation can take place. Why choose me? Because I will be honest with you & if I believe you're not taking responsibility I won't hide that from you.  You owe yourself  that authenticity even if it's difficult to face.  I'm not going to just say what I think you want to hear .... I'll say what i think you need to hear!!  Your personal journey into conscious living is the most important thing here, not my  client list!!!  I wish you every blessing for your journey!