Freedom Fulfilment 


"Freedom to be who you are, when you are, where you are!" 

Freedom Fulfilment's Retreats are a day for YOU to achieve connection with your body, mind  & soul as you journey into inner consciousness. Throughout the day you will have the time to  relax , be nourished, de-stress & escape from the demands of your daily life.  Through participating in yoga practice, meditation & savassana   incorporating guided relaxation utilising gentle hypnosis techniques  to embed positive affirmations.  Setting you up for life after the retreat with a  renewed sense of direction , inner connection &  empowering you with a fresh sense of who you are & your purpose.  

Consider booking a 'Time Out Day' for your Staff, Patients or Clients ... People are cared for, given time to become more connected. Time for peace & relaxation with skills & strategies built into the programme to support emotional resilience.