Freedom Fulfilment 


"Freedom to be who you are, when you are, where you are!" 

Full or Half Day 'Time Out Days' or Multi-faceted Well-being sessions for  YOUR  organisation as part of your
Well-Being Programme. Between £300 - £700  (Multi-cultural experience with use of Interpreters)
Contact via email for further information ([email protected])

Life Coaching & Life Skills  Group Training Sessions:-
£250 per 2 hour session
6 week Life Skills Programme £1250 (each session 2 hrs)

Transformational Life Coaching :-
Initial  consultation £45 for an hour & a half.   
x 6 recommended sessions £255 or £45 per individual session if preferred. Sessions are usually an hour & a half.
(skype or in person)

Health & Nutritional Coaching
Initial assessment, individual programme development & follow up as required! 
£35 per hourly session  + one extra payment of £30 for a copy of  your personal individualised programme (skype or in person).

One to One Private Yoga & Meditation sessions:-
£30 an hour session + one extra payment of £30 for a copy of your individualised programme, with added 
holistic tips for a more effective practice.

Private 'Buddy' session (yourself & a friend can enjoy a session together):-
£20 each for the hour session (£40 total)

Miracle Meditation & EFT Tapping (yoga optional at no extra cost)
£45 for an hour  & a half session or £35 for an hour session.
(skype or in person)

EFT Tapping:-
£45 for a one & a half hour dynamic  tapping session  with Hypnotherapy as indicated (skype or in person).

                                                    Swedish Massage 
                                                    £45 for an hour full body massage
                                                    £25 for half an hour back, neck & shoulder massage.
                                                   £32 for 40 minutes upper body massage includes soothing hand & arm

Yoga or Mindfulness Sessions at Schools or Work Organisations:- 
Between £50  to £100 per 45 -60 minute session depending on time allocation & programme needed.  
Yoga Retreat:-
Prices differ depending on length of retreat. NO CURRENT RETREATS AVAILABLE!