Freedom Fulfilment 


"Freedom to live life in all its fullness" 

Helping Others in Need! 
A huge part of us finding fulfilment in life is when we 'give back' to the world around us. The 'art' of fulfilment is not only about growth it is also about contribution. One of our human needs is the need to contribute & fulfilment in life truly comes when we're contributing to the lives of others in with a sense of freedom to give. Of course taking time to focus on our personal health & well-being is essential, otherwise we can burn out & consequently alienate ourselves & not value our contribution.   We don't see the needs of others because our own needs are so great. It's important that we are kind to ourselves  & not allow ourselves to feel guilty, if we have felt unable to help others. Negative emotions such as 'guilt' can only ever do us harm & will never bring about the life we long for.  Inner work & healing is integral to us finding true freedom & fulfilment. Then, when we are able & feel more balanced we can see more clearly how we can help & love our neighbours. Our neighbours are not just next door, they are all over the world. I have had a personal interest & compassion for the people of Cambodia for around 28yrs & have supported the people in a variety of ways. Fund raising in the UK, raising awareness, prayer & getting my feet on Cambodian soil whilst working on voluntary medical trips. There are many well known charities doing incredibly good works across the world & it's often difficult to know who to choose to support with finances or time. I would like you to consider supporting this little known organisation, PCM, as they have a huge task & are always in desperate need of support.

Patient Care Ministry (PCM) extends compassion and mercy to patients in their fight for life in Cambodia. Their focus is to provide care &  follow-up for people  & ensure they are receiving the health care that they desperately need, which otherwise many may not have access to. PCM endeavour to provide care & the funds  needed to connect patients to health facilities that have the means to help them, although often limited. Their vision is to bring physical and emotional healing to the people. The team at PCM are motivated by the challenges that people with physical illness face in Cambodia's developing health economy and very much need our support to continue their work. Please see their information  here  or find them on facebook and please support if you can. Many, many thanks & blessings, Samantha