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Diet & Nutrition

I'm all about balance and lasting change!  Having worked as a Registered Nurse and a Practice Sister I researched many 'popular' diets to support the needs of my patients. The more I learnt, the more I realised that we really cannot escape our holistic nature, and why would we?  Simply going

 'on a diet' and restricting does not bring balance or the lasting change we desire.  We need to take a multi-faceted approach and recognise that physical health and well-being needs to be addressed through the many aspects of self.  For all the 'diets' and 'fads' that I have researched (and many are effective, so I'm not against any specifically), I have discovered that the principles of Ayurveda identifies not only our nutritional needs but how we can bring balance to ourselves  through diet and understanding how to use the natural resources that are available to us all.  The principles are hugely effective in reducing stress & anxiety as we often experience these as a result of being out of balance. When we refer to Ayurveda it can seem unusual to us, as in the West we don't generally use terms like your 'dosha'  type. Although the terminology is unusual to us, Ayurveda is simply an Indian science of life and is an holistic approach to achieving  balance and ultimately good health and well-being.  You might think why look at an Indian science of life when we have a vast array of diets and health programmes at our fingertips in the West? Why? Because it addresses our humanity at the emotional, mental and physical level. It joins the dots that other diets don't!  It helps you to understand what YOU need to be healthy, happy and balanced.  As a Health & Nutritional Coach, let me assess where you're at and develop a plan that suits YOU.