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"Freedom to live life in all its fullness" 

The Miracle of Meditation, Prayer & EFT

Sometimes meditation can  feel really difficult to do . As soon as we sit down  and try we feel crowded in by thoughts  & feelings and we feel uncomfortable.  Stress & anxiety can overtake us  or we feel impatient & want to 'get on' with something as we're simply not use to stopping without a distraction or 'good' reason. Meditation is transformational & life changing if we can get past the difficulties. It has so many health benefits, such as:

* Experience of being more calm and internally still.

* Decreased stress and anxiety levels.

* Increased immune function and general well-being.

* Lowers your blood pressure and maintains a healthy heart rate.

* Improved restful sleep.

* Increased awareness and clarity of thought and focus.

* Higher brain functioning and improved memory. 

* A sense of greater connection with yourself and others.

Personally I have found both Prayer & EFT Tapping incredibly powerful  to invite guidance, healing and personal enlightenment;  resulting in more freedom and a life fulfilled. Inviting God into your space and situation when you notice something rises up for you during meditation and then praying for Him to guide you through the process (He created you after all, so He know's more about you than anyone else and knows EXACTLY what you need). I have found a beautiful sense of oneness and awareness of His loving presence in the midst of that time. If you've never experienced this and really wouldn't know where to start then give me a call & book your integrative session.  I know you will find the experience enlightening and meaningful. You will also gain skills you can then use in your own personal practice.  Lean into support & let me help you! 

This can be a skype/ zoom session from the comfort of your own home. 

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

It is a form of psychological acupressure that involves ‘tapping’ on specific Meridian points in the upper body.    Tapping on these Meridian points using vocal prompts whilst connecting with current anxieties, stress or emotional upset  OR recalling distressing,  sometimes traumatic memories  allows the brain to  process those memories  & emotions leaving the individual free from the  emotional intensity .  The memories remain but  as  a neutral event that no longer causes emotional & mental distress. 

How does it work? The skin over the areas where the tapping points have been identified have a high concentration of mechano- receptors., designed to  detect mechanical sensations  or pressure. As you tap over these this balances the activity of the para - sympathetic & sympathetic branches of our nervous system. The vibration sends a signal to the hippocampus & amygdala  in the brain  that are involved in memory & the stress response.  It sends the message that the body is not in danger & can be calm & peaceful. It puts the body & mind into a mini-REM sleep that is the restorative phase of our sleep cycle. Hence why people often yawn during tapping.  It is believed that the process of tapping using vocal prompts clears any negative disruptions in our natural energy systems. 

This process that can  also be easily learnt & practised individually at a time when needed.  Helping the individual to experience  freedom from whatever holds them  back from experiencing fullness of life & a vibrant sense of well-being. Freedom from emotional, mental & in many cases physical pain, freedom from self-sabotage, freedom from habits that we have developed that no longer serve  us & hold us back from moving into the next part of our personal journey. Freedom to live our lives with inner peace & to the full!