Freedom Fulfilment  

Freedom Brings Life In All It's Fullness!

Life Coaching

I've been a Qualified Life Coach for many years & one thing  I can tell you with confidence is that many people REALLY want to change their lives & be the best versions of themselves.  BUT ... many people self sabotage some where within the process.  It can be as  a result of stress & anxiety or a lack of self love & care. Making any kind of personal change is difficult if we don't love or even like who we are. You know your life is more than this? You know that the best version of YOU is almost 'stuck' in 'there' somewhere & it doesn't seem to matter what you do, you simply cannot get YOU out!!!  Believe me I  can not only identify &  understand BUT I can help  set you Free  from whatever hinders you. Help to identify the  likely strong negative filters that all of your learning, study & experiences have to pass through to allow you to  live a life of Fulfilment.  

Throughout this Life Coaching I take you through a transformational  journey of change & during this process I will identify any limiting beliefs or negative blocks are causing the 'authentic' you to remain hidden. This is where the powerful process of EFT Tapping is utilised to bring the Freedom & Fulfilment you so desire.