Freedom Fulfilment 


"Freedom to be who you are, when you are, where you are!" 

Hatha Yoga 

As we learn how to manage stress and reduce the negative impact of anxiety, Hatha Yoga can be an integral and kind way for you to improve your flexibility, general health & well-being.  You will learn how to relax, increasing your energy & vitality.  Embracing mindfulness to MAKE TIME FOR YOU!

l love that ‘Hatha’ is the union between two forces. In Sanskrit it translates to ‘Ha’ the sun and ‘Tha’ the moon and how they are balanced within us. Two opposites that exist within us all! The dark and the light! I spent many years chastising myself for my many perceived  flaws and inadequacies. I was unhappy with who I was as I had incredibly negative beliefs about myself and judged myself harshly. I believed that unless I changed, I was not acceptable. After many years of soul-searching I reached the conclusion that we all need to accept the many aspects of who we are. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the weakness, the strength! Sometimes we feel that the good’ we portray in public is not authentic as we know how we truly are behind closed doors … unhappy, discontent, sad, lonely, angry? It’s important that you accept the many aspects of who you are, with kindness, as only then you will be more equipped to make conscious decisions, resulting in positive change. Hatha yoga has been part of that journey of acceptance for me, as it helps to bring  union between your mind, body and emotions (and for those who feel led, your spirit). 

In the west we can often feel that we are chasing our tails and are pulled along a path that we feel is not in line with our authentic selves. Practising Hatha yoga helps us to become more conscious of who we are and how we feel about 'who we are'!  Through conscious practice we learn to connect with our bodies and how they relate to our thoughts and emotions.  We become more centred, focused and calm. It's also important to know that you don't have to become a Hindu or Buddhist to embrace Yoga into your life.  YOU are at the core of YOUR practice and thus the philosophies of life that you hold. As a Christian, I have Christ at my centre, so when I practice yoga He’s my anchor, and when the storms of life come, I know, despite how life feels or looks I’m secure. 

I love teaching classes and also connecting with individuals through a personalised one to one session. I LOVE meeting people and supporting their journey into authenticity. We are all unique, yet our similarities make us relatable. We all need this ... to know we are unique BUT to also know that someone relates to our journey and I truly can relate, and without judgement!