Freedom Fulfilment 


Freedom brings Life in all it's Fullness!

Samantha is a Lincoln, UK, based Wellness Consultant, Health & Nutrition Life Coach, NLP & EFT Practitioner. She has 20+ yrs experience as a Qualified Nurse & is also a fully trained Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist; passionate about holistic health & well-being as you journey towards discovering your best YOU!  Specialist Facilitator for Heart of the Health Service 'Time Out Days' .   (see below for 2019 dates available) 

Experiencing 'freedom & fulfilment' is a personal understanding that requires self awareness & a realisation that it is a journey into freedom that leads to fulfilment. A journey into a life of intention & conscious living. A journey of growth  ...  if we stop growing we disconnect from that important human need that leads to fulfilment.  

No-one can dictate what constitutes 'freedom & fulfilment' to you! Only YOU can determine that, but sometimes we all need help with the journey. Sometimes we can feel stuck even trapped  within ourselves. We feel our circumstances make it impossible for us to experience peace & happiness & we lose hope of ever achieving the personal happiness we believe we see in others. 

Stress & Anxiety can especially impact our lives causing us to feel as though a sense of freedom isn't achievable resulting in a life unfulfilled. Freedom Fulfilment is about awakening & discovering the inner authentic YOU. The YOU that is so often covered by layers that can cause disconnection to our authentic self.  I can walk alongside you and help you to peel back those layers & find freedom; helping you to find your natural inner beauty & pure essence of self.  Using a multi-skilled holistic approach, I will find the way for YOU to work through the stress & anxiety that can so often keep you captive.